Who We are


When you grow up inside a Tuscan family that runs a winery like Cantine Coli, it is normal to know everything and everyone, from the first to the last employee. From an early age you enter the offices where your father works, go with him to see the winery, the vineyards, harvest and go to trade fairs. It is certainly no mystery that the land, especially for those who have known it for generations, is about observation and learning through looking. Then of course, especially for the generations that were born in the 1970s, as is the case with Giacomo Coli, Belinda Coli, Filippo Coli e Gianluca Coli there have been studies, university, travel, master’s degrees and specializations, but the big family world where they grew up, made up of farms, wineries and vineyards was never too far away.

A familiar world with a horizon of dry stone walls, of portions of hillside land worked for generations, conquered meter by meter, where the stones were removed by hand and the land tilled. Where, over time, vineyards were planted in ways and times that always respected nature and its sacred laws. Growing up in that world was for all of them a beautiful gift. For Giacomo Coli, for his sister Belinda Coli, as well as for their cousins Gianluca Coli e Filippo Coli the nature that saw them born and brought them up in the 1970s was always present: it could become a wild force to be listened to and understood but never underestimated or scrambled.

Nothing that both Giacomo Coli and Belinda Coli as well as Filippo Coli and Gianluca Coli achieved was given to them. The wind has turned and changed over and over again in their lives, accustoming them to start over whenever necessary, with the dedication and commitment they learned from their fathers. Because that is how it works with businesses that have their roots in the earth. Today we know that the nature where they were born and raised is suffering, so they have become their own change-makers to minimize the environmental impact of Cantine Coli.


  • GIACOMO COLI is mainly in charge of vineyard and farmhouse management
  • BELINDA COLI is responsible for sales and relations with distributors in Italy and abroad, manages the three family farmhouses: PRATALE, QUERCETO, MONTIGNANA
  • GIANLUCA COLI is responsible for the production line of the bottling and packaging stage
  • FILIPPO COLI is responsible for the financial management of the company


Via Fausto Melotti, 26
50028 Barberino Tavarnelle